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Wanna Buy a Camera? September 1, 2009

Posted by Bill in Memories, Personal.
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My sister collects cameras. She has for years. As a matter of fact, she collects a lot of things– glassware, coffee carafes, cats. Oops, no, I’m the one who collects cats. Anyway,  my sister collects antiques and has collected cameras for many years.

Every once in a while she makes noises about taking pictures of her stuff and selling it on EBay, but she’s never actually done so. As I said, she’s had these things for years. Now, however, it looks like she’s finally going to do it. She’s got out her digital camera, lined her camera collection up one by one and started taking pictures to post on EBay.

My sis has a sense of pride in her belongings.  She’s always taken care of her things. She’s never had kids so her glassware and carafes are actually all in one piece, not glued together as they would be if they’d been in my house for any length of time.

She’s also been very diligent about protecting her belongings. Before she ever bought her house, she always had renter’s insurance to protect her things in case something happened. She has written records of all her belongings for insurance purposes (probably with the original receipts). She’s even gone through and videotaped each room of her house to serve as documentation for insurance purposes. I never have time to do anything like that, but she does.

In fact, back in the late seventies the experts were recommending that homeowners go to the police station and borrow an engraving pen. Take it home and engrave all of your valuables so that if stolen, they can be easily identified, the experts urged. My husband and I ignored the expert advice- we kind of figured that if anybody wanted any of our junk they were welcome to it.  My sister, however, dutifully went down to the police station, checked out one of the engravers and spent a weekend engraving all her belongings.

Now keep in mind, this was an earlier time. A more innocent time. A more trusting time. It was back before the days of identity theft.

So that explains why when my sister went to zoom in on her first camera to take the picture for EBay she was stunned to find her social security number emblazoned across its side.

Back in the seventies that’s what we used for our ID number just about everywhere. We never considered that it could be used to steal someone’s identity– we figured it wasn’t going to last till the year 2000 anyway so what would it matter. So that”s what the police departments recommended people engrave across their valuables– their social security number.

Wanna buy a camera anyone?



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