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An Almost Smooth First Blog September 2, 2009

Posted by Bill in Uncategorized.

Yesterday I did my first blog here.  Being a reasonably sharp 53 year old male I of course screwed it up.  Or at least so I have been told by good authorities (one wife and one daughter).  The blog itself was fine – my wife really liked it.  Which actually increased the magnitude of my screw up.

I was supposed to be posting on the same site as my wife – talksmanymoons.  Somehow though I set up my own account and had posted on that.   Not sure how that happened, I just clicked on the link and pushed buttons and drop downs and did what they tell me to do.  I am a well trained husband that way.  However, somehow, despite doing what the little buttons and pop ups and other thingys and devices told me to do I did something wrong and was now on a separate blog page from my wife.

Now, being happily married, that sort of thing is not allowed.  Further that is not how it was planned.  Even worse she (my wife – my daughter still hasn’t told me what she thinks) liked my blog and wants it on her site (She says ours but it’s hers really.  She knows more about this stuff, is better at this web stuff, and writes more stuff than I do).    Besides we’re a team.    Did I mention that I am married – that’s what marriage is all about.

Now after writing my blog – Blasted Cat, forgot to mention that – last night I was going to bed.   Um, Blasted Cat was the name of my blog and not an epitaph directed at one of our six cats.  However when my wife, the beautiful and talented talksmanymoons, tried to look at it she couldn’t find it.  So of course we got our daughter out to help, the beautiful and talented snarkykid.  After some looking – calmly – at the issue, and some reasoned – quiet – conversations we realized that I had screwed it up.  Of course that was what my wife and daughter had known from the very beginning but being fair minded women were willing to spend some time discussing it with me first.  And after much calm reasoned discussion devoid of some finger pointing and blaming we fixed it.

Or we thought we had.  It still hasn’t shown up yet.  I’m in hiding for the moment.  I figure it will be safe to come out again once I see that Blasted Cat on our blogspace.

Looking over this I realize that I had better clarify some items.

1)      In the interest of humor I have presented some actions in a rather exaggerated manner and with a slight bias.  Nothing is totally made up though.  Or at least not much.

2)      My wife and daughter are truly wonderful people and I would never want to be married to anyone else.  Referring to my wife of course.  Being married to my daughter would be just wrong not to mention illegal and just plain creepy.  She has blue hair you know.

3)      Despite my portrayal of this situation they both have a good sense of humor so that I should live with fingers unbroken to blog many more blogs.



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