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Indoctrination Indeed September 3, 2009

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I wonder if everyone else is as….. bemused?…. as I am by the furor President Obama’s speech to public school students is arousing.   It is amazing what people who are firmly convinced that the President is out to do in the country will come up with.

Folks – and by folks I am referring to all of those who are going to keep their kids home from school that day, write letters of protest, and yell loudly “Socialism! Socialism!” (thanks to my daughter for that observation) over and over again –  all President Obama is going to do is use this wonderful new means of communication called television to deliver a message to students on the importance of being in school, getting a good education, of persevering even when times are tough.  The only difference between what President Obama is doing and what every other President has done when they visited schools is that he is reaching more of them at once using television instead of going to schools one by one.  I believe that even President Bush visited schools and talked to the students there.

I did not really think that the religious right and conservatives could hate a President more than they did President Clinton.  Well, I was wrong.  I have this habit that irritates my wife and children.  I like to listen to religious right and conservative radio talk shows.  It is fun arguing and yelling back at the people whose views I can count on disagreeing with at least 80% of the time.

Anyway on listening in on what they are saying it quickly becomes obvious that they have taken the dislike, distrust and outright pure hate that they used to pour on President Clinton and heated it up enough to make lava look like ice and poured it over President Obama.  President Obama is setting up death panels, he is evil, he is similar to Hitler, he is, he is, he is, he is every bad thing imaginable.  I have even heard some speculation that he is the Antichrist.

Good grief.

If you are a conservative there is plenty to honestly disagree with.  That’s fine.  I know I did my share of bashing President Bush and his policies.  But nothing like this.  This goes way beyond rational disagreements.  I cannot but feel that there is more going on here than an honest disagreement.  I can’t help but wonder if some of this is fear driven.

The changes that our old world has been going through for years – birth control, the rise of science and its often unsettling findings, civil rights, the ubiquitous showcasing of people whose values and beliefs are different on TV, movies, and the Internet and so many other changes – has been challenging the comfy worldview of the religious conservatives.  What is worse they perceive themselves, rightly I think, as being on the slowly losing side of the changes.    For awhile they could console themselves that at least they had a conservative in the White House, that Congress had enough people that thought like them.

And then came President Obama.  He personified all that they found threatening.  He was black with a foreign Arabic name.   He was educated and sounded it.  He supported the findings of science.  While acknowledging his faith he also acknowledged the importance of the separation of church and state.  He supported a woman’s right of choice.

President Obama is all of their fears personified.  Because of that instead of trying to see him as he is and dealing with their honest disagreements about his policies, they project all of their fears on where the world is going and what might happen unto all of his actions and words.  Instead of a man trying to do what he feels is best for the country he becomes the symbol of all that they see is wrong.

I was going to end this with one of those witty or enlightening “All I can say” sayings.  But in the face of such blind unreasoning hate I really can’t think of an appropriate one.  All I can do is sit, watch, and try to counter the many falsehoods being said so that the real policy disagreements can be honestly and rationally argued.

Oh, and I can continue to watch and listen and be both amusedly concerned about the fury.



1. Geir (Gerhardt) Smith - September 5, 2009

Bus to Orly Taitz’ 9/8 – 8 AM Santa Ana, Calif, court hearing on Obama’ fraud, lies and tricking
Be there in force and protest Obama. Yell it like town hall.
Obama’s the Antichrist and this the Revelation and Apocalypse.
He frauded his ID to get the Potus post.
By lies he got the nuke bomb at his beck and call.
Nukes’re a grave matter he can blow up the planet in 1 second. High Treason.
FBI arrest him: try him; send him to Death Row. Life-prison for doing Treason to world’s highest post: Potus.

befuddled2 - September 5, 2009

Let me thank you for two things.

First for thinking my blog was threatening enough to respond to.

Second for validating everything I said in it. Such an irrational rant must surely contain a large element of fear.

Let me state that I support most of the President’s policies and ideas. However I know that there is much to question and rationally disagree with. And I have no problem with people doing so. But what is happening is not a reasoned look at policies, nor is it a rational disagreement. Instead it is a knee jerk, don’t confuse me with facts, irrational, fear response.

I have never seen such overreaction and vilification before. Not even with President Bush. President Bush did hold a televised speech for school children on drugs that many schools held assemblies to watch. And there was none of the calls for boycotting and that he was trying to politically indoctrinate our children. The only criticism I could find was over the cost.

Truly amazing. And very concerning.

I hope that the Republican Party and the conservative movement as a whole will someday repudiate these sort of statements. While I think that these sort of words will help push moderates towards the Democrats in election I am more concerned about what this means for us as a nation working together to solve our many problems.


Geir (Gerhardt) Smith - September 5, 2009

let’s say obama is the antichrist i’ll even let that be and say he’s OK
but I WANT HIM TO produce his birth certificate
i’ll rest my case then
Santa Ana, Calif, 9/8 Orly Taitz hearing – u go yell down everyone
this’s the apocalypse
obama antichrist frauded to get POTUS post
that means nuke arsenal
he threatens our lives-can blow up whole planet in 1 single fucking second
that got 1 single name:
everyone knows what high treason means
any soldier ruled to be a traitor is court-marshalled for things like this
this is the world’s worst crime ever since the start of humanity on this earth
so court-marshal

befuddled2 - September 5, 2009

Here is the birth certificate:

Here is a link about the claims of forgery. It also has copies of the birth announcements that appeared in both of Honolulu’s major newspapers.

Here are more pictures of the birth certificate with close ups of the embossed seal and other areas. It also has a good analysis over the whole non-issue.

Now a rational and reasonable person would now conclude that he was wrong. However I predict that you are neither rational nor reasonable on this issue and that there is nothing that will change your mind. Your fear and blind religous and possibly racial bigotry are making you incapable of being a thinking human being instead of a knee jerk …. well I am not sure of the most appropriate adjective to use here, but suffice it to say that it would not be to your credit.

Waiting with baited keyboard to see if you will again prove me right.

Dindy - September 5, 2009

You do realize that befuddled and I completely disagree with everything you say, don’t you? You also realize that your posts are validating everything befuddled is saying, don’t you? I sincerely suggest you chill and get a little more information about things before you continue frothing at the mouth. You are simply not rational about this.

2. Dindy - September 5, 2009

I have to wonder so many of these kinds of protests come from the religious right wing and I’ve decided it’s because they are taught not to question or challenge things as part of their religious upbringing. They never learn to question anything the bible says or their pastor says or their parents say and that makes them easily manipulated by those smart enough to take advantage of it.

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