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Blasted Computer Cat September 4, 2009

Posted by Bill in Uncategorized.

Since I blogged about one of our blasted cats – Chibi, who is alive, hale and hearty and helped me put on my shoes this morning – I will now blog about another our blasted cats. Toko.

Toko, like Chibi, is a small cat.  Although small Toko is the reason I keep my office door (actually it’s our library – I just have my rather small desk in front of the only place that does not have shelves of books {other than the closet – before we moved in [the house not the room, although since the room is in the house you could say we did both] the library was just an ordinary bedroom} – the window) closed when working on the computer. Of course my wife delights in opening the door when I have it shut. I think it is because she doesn’t trust me and is wanting to make sure I am not visiting “those” websites – like Sarah Palin fan sites or Tea Party facebooks. Her stated reason for this …. well she never has given one. She just opens the door, tells me something (being a man I have a hard time remembering what she is telling me) and then leaves leaving the door still open.

Now the reason I do not want Toko in with me while I am on the computer is because Toko has a thing about computers. She likes to tromp on them while I am typing away on it. I put her on my lap and pet her while typing one handed on the computer. She accepts this situation for anywhere from 6 seconds to 4 minutes (yes, I have timed her) and then hops up and starts walking on the computer keys. I am not sure if she just enjoys the texture and feel of the keys against her paws or if she is jealous of me looking at the screen instead of her and is getting between me and the object of my misplaced attention.

I have tried various tactics in dealing with this besides closing the door. I have:

1) Immediately picked her up and put her on my lap and started to pet her. Or tried to start to pet her. My stopwatch was not fast enough to time how long she stayed on my lap before hopping back up on the keyboard.

2) Yelling at her and calling her various and sundry names. I think she enjoyed the hot air.

3) Picking her up and putting her on the floor with various degrees of…. gentleness.

But that leads to another problem that I have with her being in the office with me. She puts her paw on my leg (which is usually bare since I tend to wear short pants while around the house) and then sticks her claws out.

Now this last behavior, sticking her claws into my bare legs, is another reason I do not like her in with me while I am on the computer. If she is not getting between me and the computer she is clawing my leg so that I will pay attention to her. I think she does this whenever she is tired and not feeling energetic enough to just jump up to my lap in preparation for getting to the computer and wants me to pick her up instead. It’s her way of hitching a lift so to speak. I keep telling her hitch hiking is not safe, but she never listens to me.

She is like the rest of the household in that (seven cats {I know I mentioned only having six cats and that is all my wife and I do have, however our younger daughter has a cat who lives in her room and rarely ventures out – but that is another blog}, one dog, one wife , and one daughter. I also have another daughter who is married, but her husband is having no more luck than I did in managing her) regard.



1. Dindy - September 5, 2009

Um, I open the door when you have it shut because your pets want to spend quality time with their daddy and they can’t when you have the door closed.

befuddled2 - September 5, 2009

I thought about making some sort of snarky and witty comment but I seem to be all out of snark and run dry on wit. I’ll get back to you once i stock up on both again.

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