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Hypocrisy Thy Name is Family Values September 15, 2009

Posted by Bill in Family Values, Politics.
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It appears that those who opposed the gay marriage initiative in California were right. Gay marriage IS harmful to the institute of marriage. How else to explain the downfall of California Assemblyman Mike Duvall, who not only led the fight against gay marriage in California but repeatedly earned a 100% score from the Capitol Research Institute for his votes on family values issues?

Duvall resigned from office after he was caught bragging about his sexual conquests near a live mike. Duvall now claims he didn’t actually engage in any inappropriate sexual behavior but was merely telling stories. Yeah. Right.

Now obviously Duvall would never have engaged in such behavior if it weren’t for the legalization of gay marriage in California. After all, he has been a champion of family values for many years, and it’s simply too much to believe to think that his behavior is yet one more in a long line of examples of politicians whose personal behavior has fallen short of their political rhetoric (Mark Sanford, Larry Craig, John Ensign).

Am I a bad person for getting more than a giggle out of seeing yet another darling of the Family Values Movement forced to resign because of inappropriate sexual activity? I seldom trust politicians anyway, figuring that they generally will say whatever they think will get them re-elected. But somehow, it is extra sweet when someone who makes a career out of promoting policies that are supposed to be good for the family, ends up being plastered across the front page of the paper for hypocrisy.

It never seems to do any good, however, as those who think that family values means poking their nose into the private business of others continually ignore the frailties of their leaders. Look at the parade of politicians who have espoused the family values line, only to fall when it is found that their own values involve things like picking up gay men in restrooms or bragging about spanking much younger women. Actions speak louder than words, and as long as the darlings of the family values movement continue to show that they are more concerned about re-election than about the actual values to which they pay lip service, I am going to get a good giggle out of them.



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