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Ain’t that a Shot in the Arm? September 30, 2009

Posted by Bill in Current Events.
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My daughter and I went to get our flu shots over the weekend. Neither of us have ever gotten flu shots before, but she has an immune system disorder so we are doing everything we can to keep her healthy.

I kind of flip flop back and forth regarding the swine flu. On the one hand, I think there’s way too much hype about it and on the other hand, I worry about what might happen if our daughter catches it.

Where we live in Texas, things went kind of Swine Flu crazy in the spring. They closed several schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and canceled MayFest, a major arts and crafts festival. In my day job I work in Human Resources and all of the list servs and professional journals have been full of suggestions for containing flu outbreaks or for dealing with massive absenteeism due to the flu.

It’s easy to blow the warnings about Swine flu off and think of it as just media hype, but I have to recognize that officials are doing what we ALWAYS wish officials would do in movies. You know, the ones where a scientist or somebody warns of dire consequences if officials don’t listen to them and the officials, thinking of the bottom line, ALWAYS ignore the experts and then REALLY bad things happen. Think JAWS when  Chief Brody gets slapped by Alex Kintner’s mother.

So I got my flu shot Saturday and when the swine flu vaccine becomes available I’ll get that too. But I still wonder if we aren’t blowing things just a little out of proportion.



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