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Blue, Blue, My Love is Navy, or Is It Cerulean? October 2, 2009

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I bought a new skirt the other day from an online catalog. I do most of my shopping online nowadays– it allows me to complete the transaction without having to actually talk to anyone. The skirt arrived in the mail on Thursday and I decided to wear it to work on Friday. I really like it– it’s pretty, fits nicely and just feels right. In fact, there’s just one tiny problem. I don’t have a shirt to go with it.

The skirt is checkered with off-white and navy blue patches and I don’t have an off white shirt or a shirt of the right shade of navy. I have blue shirts- lots of them as a matter of fact because it’s my favorite color. But I don’t have any that matched the color of the skirt. So I wore something else to work yesterday and am looking online for a shirt to match the navy color in the skirt. It’s not that easy because variations of shade can be difficult to see online.

I mentioned this to Bill tonight as we were driving out to dinner and he was less than sympathetic.  “What’s the problem?” he asked. “You’ve got a hundred blue shirts. Just pick one.”

This is just another demonstration of that whole Men Are from Mars, Women are from Venus thing. The guy owns five pairs of blue jeans, all the same design and color. He doesn’t care what color of shirt he wears because everything goes with jeans. He wears khakis to work and doens’t care what color of shirt he wears because everything goes with khakis. But even if he did have slacks of other colors, he still wouldn’t worry about matching the top to the bottom. It’s just one of those guy things.

I told him I was going to buy several shirts just to make sure I got one of the right shade of blue so now he is convinced that there is a fashion conspiracy to make women buy more clothes. Somewhere, he decided, they make clothes of a gazillion different shades just to make women have to buy lots of other clothes just to find the one that matches. He said I should just forget trying to match the blue or the white and wear a green shirt instead.

I liked my solution better. And I just got an email from the online retailer letting me know that my order had shipped. Hmmm. Now I’ll need to look for slacks to go with all the new shirts I bought– the ones that DON’T end up matching my new skirt.



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