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Stem Cells October 22, 2009

Posted by Bill in Science.
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The November Issue of Discover has an article about Stem Cells called The Super Cell. While Dubya was playing to the right to life crowd by stopping stem cell research in its tracks, scientists were moving forward, exploring other avenues and making some incredible discoveries. Prevented from performing research on any new stem cell lines, scientists found ways to make adult skin cells revert to the embryonic state; these reverted cells are capable of transforming into a wide range of cells. Other scientists found a way to derive an entire stem cell line from a single embryonic cell without destroying the embryo.

Some might point to these successes as evidence that Bush was right in restricting stem cell research. Scientists excel in developing new lines of research when they are blocked from discovery in one direction. By denying the scientists access to embryonic stem cells, they were forced to find other ways of deriving cells that could serve the same purpose.

Nevertheless, now that the National Institute of Health under President Obama has loosened its guidelines on stem cell research, new, hardier stem cell lines are being studied and deployed. The US Army is even hoping that research will lead to methodologies to regenerate arms and legs.

This may give us the answer to one of the major questions about God– to whit, why won’t he heal amputees.

Now we have the answer– God won’t, but scientists might.



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