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The Brave Brave Blasted Cat November 3, 2009

Posted by Bill in Animals, Personal.

I vividly remember the day that we got the two – brother and sister kittens.  The sister was all black and would soon be named Chibi – the first blasted cat that I blogged.  She came out of her carrier, with a little careful urging, looking around her with suspicion and a hint of fear.

Not so her brother.  He is a small grey cat and as a kitten was even smaller.  When we put his carrier down on the floor and opened the door he came strutting out like he owned the house.  His tail was high, his stride confident, even arrogant.  He looked at the house in front of him with a cool self assurance.  None of our previous cats had ever been so fearless when let loose in our house for the first time.

However we – myself, my wife, and my younger daughter – were standing behind him.  When he then turned to survey the part of his kingdom that lay behind him he saw that we were part of his new kingdom.  And reacted immediately.  With a start and a jump the Brave Brave Sir Robin bravely turned and fled.

He was out of that room and into a hiding space as if a three headed giant were after him.  The only thing faster than his flight was our unanimous decision to name him Sir Robin.

For those who can’t figure out why, I can only say that you have a serious cultural deficiency that you should rectify as quickly as possible.

As the days went by and Sir Robin got used to our presence we started to see him more and more.  He flitted around from behind to couch to behind the chair to peering around the corner, trying to make sure that he did not cross our field of vision.  He ate only when we were not present.  Fortunately between work and school he had plenty of opportunities to eat and did not starve.

As more days went by he finally decided that we were not going to pierce him with our eyes and would boldly go up to the food bowl and eat while we watched.  As long as we did not take any steps or make any moves towards him that is.  Then he would bravely turn and flee.

Soon though Sir Robin discovered that he was faced with a horrible dilemma.  He saw that the other cats would come up for attention and would get skritched and stroked and petted.  Sir Robin wanted some of that.  But he also did not want to be touched.

As a result when we were finally allowed to pet him he would continually twist and turn and contort himself in an effort to avoid being touched while being petted.  He still does that to this day, although now he will come up and sit in our laps while trying to avoid having us touch him.

A very brave blasted cat indeed.



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