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Is Letterman a Hypocrite? November 22, 2009

Posted by Bill in Family Values, Television.
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The radio DJ on my morning drive to work was railing long and loud about David Letterman’s recent revelations about his affairs with staffers. According to the DJ, Letterman is a hypocrite for making fun of people like Clinton and Sanford when he was guilty of the same type of behavior. The DJ was so het up about this that I turned him off and went to my audio book, but it did make me think a bit about the question of whether or not Letterman was actually guilty of hypocrisy on the same level as those politicians and religious leaders who proclaim support for family values out of one side of their mouths while carrying on affairs with various other parts of their bodies.

Letterman is a comedian. He’s paid to make people laugh, and he frequently does so at the expense of people who are in the news. However, he is not an elected official. He does not attempt to gain constituents on the basis of his support for family values, nor is he responsible for passing legislation on the basis of what are perceived to be family values. It is highly unlikely that anybody is going to look to Letterman for advice on family values– seeing that he only recently married his girlfriend of more than twenty years. Has he ever preached fidelity? To my knowledge, he has not.

Granted, we can consider Letterman to be a sleazebag on the basis of his revelations. But a hypocrite? No. I still think that label is reserved for those who don’t practice what they preach.



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