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Crashing the White House November 29, 2009

Posted by Bill in barack obama, Current Events.
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I have to admit to having mixed feelings about the couple that crashed the White House party and got to meet several dignitaries as well as the President Obama and Michelle. 

 On the one hand I am concerned that security was that lax to allow this to happen. 

 On the other hand – Way to go Salahi’s!

 I believe there is something in the American psyche that has always felt respect for the rebellious.  After all, this nation was born out of rebellion, not only rebellion against Britain but also against the ideas of the time. 

 The United States was a democracy in a time of Aristocracy.  The United States was formed with the consent of the people in an unheard of series of  regional conventions where all voters voted on whether to accept the Constitution. 

 The United States was a secular nation in a time of religious states.  All the European powers professed a state religion and backed it with their power.  Even many of the individual states at the time of the revolution did the same.  But instead of following tradition and history we rebelled and enshrined the separation of church and state and allowed freedom of conscience to be followed. 

 Being born of rebellion and with our history of expansion and individualism we are primed by our history to sympathize with the rebellious.  Although I have to admit that the 1960’s and 70’s with the hippie movement and civil rights may test this rather broad statement – I would point out in defense that our society did change for the better and it was due to the rebelliousness of this time.

 However what Tareq and Michaele Salahi did does not even begin to rise up to either of the two mentioned acts of rebellion mentioned above.  I also can’t help remembering some of my readings about the White House in the early days of our Republic.  A time where the White House and the President were more accessible and not surrounded and hidden by security. 

 Most specifically I remember Andrew Jackson’s White House first inaugural celebration where all were invited.  

 Of course I also remember that it also got out of hand and the crowd  not only took a way a few knick knacks for souvenirs but also pretty well trashed the place.  And then the were the two assassination attempts on President Jackson. 

 Perhaps I had better root for the Secret Service and all to beef up the security.   






1. Freya - November 29, 2009

My only observation, the dress that Michaele Salahi wore was beautiful.

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