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Can’t Save Them All January 3, 2010

Posted by Bill in Animals.
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Today while taking Wrinkles for his walk, I saw a stray dog by the elementary school. He walked up to a pile of leaves and borrowed into it, presumably to get warm. After I  had dropped Wrinks off at the house, I drove the car back up to see if I could get to the dog. He must have been exhausted because he stayed sound asleep until I finally made a noise– I didn’t want to startle him. When he heard me he jumped up and ran. I tried to get him but couldn’t so, sadly, I had to leave him to run loose in the cold.

Over the years we have taken in many stray animals. We currently house one dog and seven cats, all rescue animals. I have my eye on another dog that I’d dearly love to rescue, but my current dog, Wrinkles, absolutely will not tolerate my paying attention to another canine. Much as I’d like to adopt the other dog, I love Wrinkles and I had him first. And sadly, I have to realize that I can’t save all the animals out there who are in need of homes.

If I could have asked Santa for anything this past Christmas, it would be that every pet have a safe and loving home. If Santa would grant me the following wishes, there would be few animals left to save.

I wish everyone would neuter their pets. There’s really no excuse not to with all the low cost spay and neuter clinics around.

I wish that puppy mills would be outlawed. There are plenty of animals available. You don’t need to buy one from a petstore, just go to your local Animal Shelter and pick out your new best friend. If you absolutely HAVE to have a purebred, you probably are wanting a pet for the wrong reasons so do us all a favor and just don’t bother, okay?

I wish that people who adopt animals would realize that it’s not enough to adopt an animal. Animals require love, time, attention and care. There is a dog down the street who spends all his time alone in the back yard. He’s never allowed in the house and no one ever goes out and spends any time with him. When he first came to live there, he was friendly, bounding up to the fence to say hi, tail wagging. Now, because he is bored, frustrated and lonely, he’s become aggressive, barking and growling when anyone walks by. I’d love to take him and bring him into our home where he would be loved and treated as a member of the family, but I run into that problem with Wrinkles again.

I just finished reading Dogtown by Stefan Bechtel. Because I am not a big TV watcher, I managed to be unaware of the TV show on National Geographic about this animal sanctuary in Utah, but the book made a tremendous impact on me. The people at Dogtown take in the stray, the abused, the injured. Through love, affection and acceptance, they turn hopeless dogs that other shelters have given up on into beloved family members.

If I had my wishes come true, there would be no need for Dogtown, but since there is, than my final wish is that the people of Dogtown will  be able to help the animals under their care for as long as there is a need.



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