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If You Don’t Agree Just Delete August 30, 2010

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I am regularly bombarded– okay, slight exaggeration here– at least once a day I receive an email from a friend or acquaintance that contains a rant or diatribe, generally political, pseudo-patriotic, or religious in nature, containing a bunch of unsubstantiated statements and/or opinions and generally ending with some variation of the phrase, “If you agree, pass this on. If you don’t, simply delete.”

These type of chain emails really tick me off, and it is the last statement that really bugs me because the sender is, in essence, saying, “I don’t really give a flip about your opinion, and I don’t want to hear it even though I’ve just regaled you with a piece of my mind.”

Excuse me? So you get to drop a piece of propaganda in my email box and expect me to read it and then if I disagree, just quietly delete it and not let you or anybody else know how I feel about what you have said? What makes you think I am interested in what you have to say if you aren’t interested in what I have to say? Why is it okay for you to push your opinion on to me but not okay for me to push mine back at you?

This is part of the reason I have become more militant at rebutting such emails with facts from www.snopes.com and www.factcheck.org. For emails that are just opinionated rants with few facts, I’m starting to hit Reply All and give the sender and other recipients the benefit of my [much more informed and well thought out] opinion.

Sorry folks, but I have just as much right to force my opinion on you as you do upon me. If you are going to subject me to your idiotic viewpoint, then you are damn well gonna be subjected to mine. Of course, I can’t force you to read it or to agree with me any more than I can force an imbecile to think.



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