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Our Books

Bill and I are writers. Together, we write a mystery series called The Dead Detective. So far it’s a series of one, but we are working on the sequel. Writing is a slow process for us because we have to work it into the time we spend making a living, blogging, hanging out on our favorite yahoo groups, playing with our six cats and one dog, spending so much quality time with our adult children that they will finally realize that we would make terrific grandparents, watching Torchwood, Dr. Who, Star Trek, Warehouse 13, Primeval and Grade B creature features, and making wild and passionate love.

I also write science fiction under the name of Mari Atherton.  I have two books– Merari and The Dreamer’s Way. Merari is the first in a trilogy, and I’m kind of working on the second book. Just look at the above list and you’ll see why the second book hasn’t been written yet. The Dreamer’s Way is mainly fantasy. I had planned it to be a stand alone book, but enough people have told me how much they like it that I will probably write more books set on that world.

I’ve also written a curriculum book for teachers on how to teach social studies through art activities. Since my worst subject in school was Art and I never studied Geography, it was a natural for me.



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