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The First Law by John Lescoart August 31, 2009

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Right now I’m listening to The First Law by John Lescoart on audio. If I’m listening to something on audio, it needs to be REALLY riveting to keep my attention. I’m finally getting into this one, but it took me about 2 hours of listening to get to the riveting part, which is too long. And I find the reader to be a distraction- he sounds like Barney Rubble with a cold. But now that I’m into it, I’m enjoying the book enough that I would read another one of the Dismas Hardy/Abe Glitzky series. Don’t know if I would LISTEN to it though.

Later: I’m really getting into the book now– I’ve gotten to the stage where I carry my audio player around and listen to the book whenever I get a chance. It’s very intricately plotted and frustrating as hell. The question it asks is how do you trust the system when the system doesn’t work?


It takes place in San Francisco where a private security agency has started a protection racket, in the course of which they kill somebody and frame someone else for the murder. They then guide the police investigation into the murder, so the police unwittingly end up protecting the killers. Attorney Dismas Hardy and his friend, Police Lieutenant Abe Glitzky try to find the real killers but are hampered by the police department, the district attorney- in fact, by the system that is supposed to make sure justice is served. So far, they’ve been playing by the book, but what do you do when your opponent tosses the book out the window?

Right now they are in hiding because the baddies have threatened their families. I’m betting they are going to step outside the law as their only recourse, since staying within the law hasn’t done much for them. It’s very exciting at this point, so much so that I almost don’t notice the annoying reader any more. I’ll definitely read another book in this series– but I’ll probably get the print version.

Still Later: Okay, I’ve finished the book. I found the ending to be disappointing, and sad. Some characters that I liked died and the situation was not resolved into a neat little package. I know that it is a more realistic ending, but I wanted the satisfaction of seeing all the people within the police department and the DA’s office who refused to listen to Glitzky and Hardy admit that they were wrong and that they should have listened to the two of them. The families are still in danger because the big bad guy is still loose and is madder than ever.

I’d still read another book by Lescoart. He says in his notes at the end that this is different from the type of book he normally writes. I liked this one okay so I have hopes that I will like the other books in the series even more.