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I Guess It’s Only Wrong if Obama Does It May 30, 2010

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The other day I violated one of the unofficial Facebook rules– I posted a comment in response to someone’s message in which I disagreed with that person’s message. Facebook is kind of a warm and fuzzy place– it has a like button that you can click if you like someone’s post but there is no dislike button. It is generally understood that even if you disagree with what someone says in a post, you don’t say so in a comment. However, I had someone post a negative comment in response to a cause I signified support for a few weeks ago, so when she posted a petition yesterday about Obama’s Memorial Day plans and added a comment expounding on Obama’s disrespect for men in uniform and his betrayal of his duty to his country, I felt it only fair to ask her if she had thought the same thing when  Dubya handed off the duty to Dick Cheney in 2007? Or when Bush I handed it off to Dan Quayle in 1992. Or when Reagan handed it off to his Deputy Secretary of Defense in 1983? I also pointed out to her that Obama is NOT skipping the Memorial Day ceremony, but will be giving a speech at the national cemetery in Illinois on Memorial Day. I asked her if it only counted as doing his duty if he was in Washington.

Not surprisingly, the comments in response to mine have been very supportive of her and not of me– after all, I did break a FB rule. One guy angrily told me that he had noticed that I only referenced Republican presidents; evidently he was unaware that the last Democratic president before Obama, Bill Clinton, spent all eight of his Memorial Days at Arlington National Cemetery. However, in the spirit of fairness, I will note that Jimmy Carter apparently did not visit Arlington on Memorial Day, in 1978. Ford attended both Memorial Days while he was in office but Nixon apparently did not attend at all.

The friend on whom I posted the comment responded thoughtfully and admitted that she didn’t like Obama, didn’t think he was qualified for office, thought he was a poor president, and added that the fact that his predecessors had done the same thing did not excuse him.

I appreciated the thoughtfulness of her response, however, my point to her, which apparently was lost, is that Obama is NOT disrespecting our soldiers. On Memorial Day he WILL be attending and speaking at a ceremony at a national cemetery. However he will be attending the ceremony at the national  cemetery in Illinois and not in Virginia. Here is my problem– once again the talk show pundits are seizing on a non-issue and working people up into a frenzy about something that isn’t even true. If you don’t think Obama is a good president– fine. I thought Dubya was a lousy president. If you want to criticize Obama for his policies, fine. I thought Dubya’s policies sucked. But don’t criticize Obama for disrespecting American troops and Veterans by claiming he is ditching them on Memorial Day to vacation in his home town when it just isn’t true. That only hurts your own credibility, and makes me seriously question your motives for criticizing Obama in other areas.


Arizona Bill Doesn’t Go Far Enough April 23, 2010

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The State of Arizona, in an attempt to prove that Texas does NOT have the dumbest legislature in the USA, is considering a bill requiring presidential candidates to submit documents to the Arizona Secretary of State proving that they satisfy the constitutional requirements to be president. The Arizona House passed the measure on Wednesday on a 31 to 29 vote and now it goes to the Arizona Senate for approval.

Personally I don’t think the bill goes far enough. Why not pass a bill requiring candidates to provide proof of EVERY claim they make? After all, there is more evidence for Obama being a US citizen than there is for George Dubya Bush having served his full six years in the National Guard.

Wouldn’t that be something if every time a presidential candidate opened his/her mouth to speak, s/he had to provide proof that what s/he said was true? Would SOME candidates have a hard time with that? You betcha!

Let’s face, there is nothing in this world that will satisfy the whackos who insist that Obama is not a US Citizen.Countless media organizations have rebutted claims that Obama is not a US citizen, every judicial body that has looked at the matter has concluded that Obama is a US citizen, the Hawaiian government officials who are in charge of birth certificates have stated that his Hawaiian birth certificate is valid, but the whackos are determined NOT to be satisfied. In fact, they are so busy deluging the State of Hawaii with requests for Obama’s birth certificate– up to 50 a month– that the state is considering a law of its own– one that will allow it to ignore repeated requests to produce the document.

Actually, I think the State of Hawaii is missing a golden opportunity here. Obama has already made copies of his birth certificate freely available on the internet. If these right-wing idiots insist on demanding a copy of a document that is freely available on the internet, go ahead and provide it for them– at $500 a pop. Fifty requests a month at $500 each– Hawaii could go a long way towards balancing its budget on that kind of money. As a wise person once said– you can’t do anything about the idiots in the world, so you might as well make money off them.

Domestic Militias Fear the WRONG Administration November 27, 2009

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The domestic militia whackos are rising again. After nearly a decade in which we didn’t hear much about them, now that a Democrat is in president again, they are resurging. The Southern Poverty Law Center has identified at least 50 new right wing militia groups that have been formed in the last two years.

Norm Olson of the Alaska Citizens Militia explains his rationale for Americans arming themselves against the government.

“The federal government can roll into your driveway in the middle of the night and snatch you up and take you away, and you’ll never be seen again.” ~ Associated Press

The last time we saw such activity in the militia groups, another Democrat was president– Bill Clinton. These groups clearly tie democratic presidencies with their fears about government excesses.

So let’s look at this a little bit. I can certainly agree with Mr. Olson that the government should not be able to snatch citizens up in the middle of the night and take them away. I can also agree that our civil liberties are very important. I think I should be able to talk to whomever I want to on the phone without worrying about the government listening in on my private conversations. I also think that I should be able to check whatever books I want to out of the library without the government knowing or caring WHAT I am reading. I think that I should be able to meet with other people without having to worry about whether I am sitting next to a government spy at my rubber chicken dinner. And if I am arrested, I should not be held in prison for years without even knowing what the charges are against me. I think that the government should not be able to go snooping in my bank records, and I certainly don’t want my ISP reporting my internet habits to the Department of Homeland Security.

What’s more, I’m willing to bet that Mr. Olson doesn’t want any of these things either. Yet, it was a Republican Administration, that of George Dubya Bush, that put all these things in place– not only can the government go snooping into your library records, your internet habits and your phone calls, but it no longer even needs a warrant to do so. This was all part of Dubya’s war on terrorism, you know.

Now you would think that, being concerned about the government sneaking around and snooping into their personal business and all, that these right wing militia groups would have been busting out of the woodwork when Dubya was president. But they waited till AFTER he got out of office to start stockpiling their guns and playing soldiers in the backwoods.

Maybe these guys are smarter than I thought. Guess they figured that if they’d gotten themselves together when Dubya was in office, they really WOULD have stood a good chance of being carted away in the middle of the night and never seen again. Now that we have an administration that has SOME modicum of understanding of civil liberties, Mr. Olson can go play soldiers in the backwoods without much real threat of the government coming in and spiriting them away.

Don’t Know Much about Afghanistan, but It’s Time to Get Out November 25, 2009

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There are very few wars that I support as I tend to be a pacifist. I also don’t know much about foreign affairs. However, I do have some feelings about Afghanistan, and since there is no shortage of people in this country who have strong opinions about things they know little or nothing about, I have my opinion about Afghanistan and here it is.

Bernard Finel in an editorial article in the Dallas Morning News on Sunday November 22, lays out what he believes is the case for the US leaving Afghanistan.

Let me first say that one of the few wars I supported was our initial attack on Afghanistan. President George W. Bush was absolutely right to attack this country– they were harboring Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks and were fomenting terrorism against the US. That is one of the few things I agreed with Dubya about. I was with him right up till he started diverting resources to bomb the hell out of Iraq. That’s where he lost me on his whole war on terrorism thing because it then stopped being all about  getting the 9/11 terrorists and Osama Bin Laden.

Now, however, we are still in Afghanistan and nobody seems to know what to do about it. Do we send more troops there? Throw more money and resources at it? Send more of our young people over there to die?

We are no longer in Afghanistan for the same reason we were there in the first place. Our initial reason for going there was to get Bin Laden. Now, well, nobody seems to be quite sure what our reason for being there is. Stabilize the government to ensure our safety in the region? Toss out the Taliban? Build a nation? These types of policies have worked so well for us in the past (not!)

Mind you, I find the Taliban and its policies against women to be completely and utterly heinous. I hate the Taliban and everything it stands for. What I question is if it makes sense for us as a nation to spend so much of our resources on our military operations there. There are other regimes in this world that are just as bad, if not worse, than the Taliban, but the reason we are fighting in Afghanistan and not in the Sudan is because we started out in Afghanistan for the purpose of getting the man who had attacked our country.

We shouldn’t have diverted resources from Afghanistan to Iraq. We should have poured more resources in Afghanistan when we had world opinion with us, when we had an international coalition to help us, when we had a chance to go in and win the war. But we didn’t. And now we are fighting a different war for reasons that are nebulous. Now, it is time to leave.

Protesters stand for What- Exactly? September 14, 2009

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So depending on who you listen to, 60,000 – 70,000 people (according to a statement issued by ABC News disputing claims that it had earlier stated 1 to 1.5 million) or 1 -1.5 million (the number held to by Freedomworks, the group that organized the event and a group that has every incentive to stick with the higher number no matter the facts) marched on Washington to protest government spending.

Protesters were there ostensibly to complain about government spending, although one has to wonder where all these people were when George Dubya Bush was building up the deficit and sinking the country further into debt. They sure weren’t protesting government spending then!

One brilliant guy, Richard Brigle said health care needs to be reformed, but not according to Obama’s plan.  “My grandkids are going to be paying for this. It’s going to cost too much money that we don’t have.” Sweetie, I got news for you– your grandkids are going to be paying for Dubya’s war for a LONG time. And they’re going to be paying for the government bailout that had to be enacted because of Dubya’s economic policies for a LONG time.

There’s an old saying– if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. Let’s hear some ideas from the other side about how to fix the health care system. We know what they are against (anything proposed by Obama.) Let’s hear what they are for.