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My Thoughts on the Aurora Tragedy July 20, 2012

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I was horrified when I learned about the shootings at the premier of The Dark Knight Rises. I’ve been to premiers before. I’m sure that once the baby is older I will again. The wonderful thing about premiers is that you’re with a group of people you feel safe and comfortable with, even if you’re all strangers. When you’re a geek, you feel alienated from society as a whole. When everyone around you is lining up to see a certain movie, you’re all united just by that love of the movie. And that someone would shatter that with death and violence makes my stomach churn.

A lot of the reactions I’ve heard to the event includes something along the lines of “I don’t under stand how…” The statement is understandable, and believe me, I’ve spent hours wondering why people would commit such atrocities. What I realized today is that I don’t want to understand. I don’t want to understand that type of thinking. And I think it’s a good thing that the overwhelming majority of people in this world cannot understand that type of thinking. It’s a sign that our moral compass is intact.

The other thought struck me when I read that the suspect was calling himself “The Joker.” In Batman, Bruce Wayne has to take a stand against the bad guys because the police sure as hell can’t. In real life, the police nabbed the bad guy. He didn’t escape. They’ve evacuated his apartment building and the surrounding ones. They took wounded people to hospitals in squad cars. Sadly, 12 people died, and around 50 were wounded. But the police cannot be everywhere, nor do we want to live in a world where they are everywhere.

My point in all this was that their quick arrival and effective response saved lives and lead to the immediate arrest of the suspect. This villain will not go on to hurt innocent people for days, months, years, etc. There was not one hero there, but many, from the people who made the 911 calls to those who started going to other theaters to tell people to evacuate, to the police and paramedics and doctors. There was one villain, and dozens of heroes. Just something for me to think about when I start despairing of humanity.